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Company Culture

Company Foundation: Act towards Green World, Make Solid Quality, Create Value for Clients, 

Company Target: Be the most valuable supplier to our clients

                                 Be the best platform for Liteto member

                                 Be the most reliable client to all Liteto Suppliers

Company Faith:    We believe, better together can do better.

                                High Efficiency and fully Communication Plus Energetic Executive Force

                                Work hard, and harder. 

Liteto Key Personal Introduction
Peter Long
Founder and Legal Representative of Liteto,
Him Motto: how parts can be better put!

Liteto is found by Peter Long, who is senior product manager for a giant company, based on the principal of products of good quality. 
With the skill set and talent which is gained from childhood mechanical experience, such as from watching his father doing mechanical work of repairing family tractor, moto bike, to his own handling of such work. Peter is fascinated by the idea of putting different metal parts together to have soul so they will work as one individual. 
Since Day one, Liteto guaranteed that every liteto product is delivered to our client's hand with promised quality. Liteto contribute its efforts on a good ratio quantity to price product to our client and doing pure excellent customized product for our clients. that's the two main business Liteto is involved. 
Our strategy is normal product line to maintain our daily expenses, and the customized service to our client to fulfil the needs of high end client, meanwhile, we keep good connection with our high end supply chain. In this case, we are able to have Liteto access to the latest technology in production technology, which will enable Liteto for better products and better customized work. 

Ocean Zheng
R&D Leader of Liteto, 
Motto: Precise Simple

Liteto R&D team is led by Liteto Co-founder, Ocean Zheng, who is electronic engineer and worked in a Top2 transducer company organizing R&D projects for years. With this rich experience, the electronics applied in Liteto products is well planted. Liteto is producing stable, endurance products continusly. 
Under the guide line of manufacturing products of precise simple, Liteto is building products of not what client ask for but precise what client is need with just simple operative skills. With this guild line in research and development work, Liteto is not just simply adding up functions to a product but makes a product that functional in all parts. 


                   Liteto Team                                                                    Team Building Activity                                                  Training Course 

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