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Customer First, Outstanding Quality

Liteto belived in the business core of cooperation based on mutual benefit, efficient communication. 

Liteto mutually progress with suppliers and clients.

With conception of Do-it-Right at first action, ensure to meet requiremetns of On-schedule, Be-Qualified,  and Enough-Quantity.

There is best product or lowest price, Liteto does not provide best product with lowest price. 

Liteto make products with client requests based on fair price and stands on best After-sales Service as upgrade basis of quality improviment. Liteto promises the products made by Liteto is product towrd the highest quality standard of in carry through ISO9001. in other words, Liteto aims to make the best product in the same price. that's what our efforts are put into. we charge our client with reasonable price to provide the best quality available. 

If a product makes no profit, it is not a qualified product. it is because if the company can not survive then how can the buyer's benefit can be guaranteed? 

Liteto reducing the hazardous substance in products to conform to laws and regulations

Liteto is customer-oriented, towards customer's demands, and in achieving for the optimization quality. 

Liteto is pursuing for consistent and continuous innovations and design improvements

1. Energy-saving, Environmental friendly, Long lifespan, High brightness, more light spread 

2. CE,  EMC, LVD, RoHS, UL, FCC, DLC Certificated fits North American and European standards
3. Strong quality of 3 years warrant, LM80 leds
4. Easy replacement,fast installation, 
5. Same length with different power consumptions is optional (18W or 24W)
6. Different color temperatures with 3 macadams is optional
7. High efficiency up to 140lm/w is optional
8. High CRI up to 90Ra is optional
9. Factory direct!

  Every cent you spent is gaining you competitive edge in product.


                       We Care                                                                                      We Listen                                                            We Make It!

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