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Liteto LED High Bay Tube-Product of The Year!

Time:6-24-2016 Posted:Shenzhen Liteto Electronics Co., Ltd.

Liteto High Bay Tube-Product of The Year


With two years work of from our danish designing partner to British engineering lab and dedicated day and night test and improvement in Liteto workshop, here we present you the product of the year from Liteto:

LED High Bay Tube!!!

The product has combined the benefits of high bay light and spot light in to T8 Tube shape. let me work you through details:

High bay functions expressing in high wattage: one single High bay tube can reach 32W with more than 3,200lm flux; and one High bay tube lamp can reach 128W with more than 12,800lm flux. Hugh bay tube lamp is consist of 4 led high bay tube.

Focus (Spot Linear Light)Light goes to where it is needed. Liteto high bay tube is T8 in 15 degree angle, which means all the flux goes within 15 degree range. Plus the rotatable endcaps, the sharp light is directional. As demonstrated in the posted picture bellow, the High Bay Tube Lamp is hanging from the roof straight down, but the light is spot on the wall. that's magic!

Extreme HighLux: 3 times stronger powered by excellent Secondary Optical Lens


Functions and features:

It functions as spot + high bay lighting

It is directional lighting + 3 time stronger lux

It is linear spot lighting

More importantly, it is a T8 tube--Easy adapt to most common used existing T8 fixture.

Beam angle seamless adjustable

15-60 all-in-one lamp

Adjustable bean angle by enduser powered by rotatable endcaps


One single tube to achieve all common angles like 15,20,25,30,35,45,60, to save big cost for stocking all kind of angle, which always in need but not in mass.

It is linear light--Long sharp beam


workshops, warehouse, supermarket, stadium,

For more info, please contact: 

or call direct: 0086-17097230951 Dennis


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