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Liteto Widen Its Catalog with North Amercian Standard LED Panel Light 65W, 80W, 100LPW

Time:8-31-2016 Posted:Shenzhen Liteto Electronics Co., Ltd.

In the market, there are two trends in LED Lighting Applications for wattage and lumen efficiency. 

First, less power consumption while maintain enough lumen flux.  

In this kind of application, an example is 2by2/595*595  led panel light, 30W, 130LPW(lumen per watt) to replace previous 36W, 110LPW or 40W, 100LPW. 

Second, upgrade the power wattage to a higher level while keep the same LPW. 

This is design for project management, to save man power in installation, save cost, keep the margin!

100 pieces of 80W 100LPW 2by4/1195*595mm LED panel light instead of 200 pieces 40W. 

Examples above to let us see that both trend is in need in the market. both are targeting to save cost in management. 

People may ask why not higher wattage and higher LPW? the answer to this is, we can't have both according to the essential of led diode performance  in current and heat dispassion.

What liteto does is to balance good performance in wattage and Lumen per watt. 

Liteto is now shipping 

65W, 2by2, 5 year warranty, 110LPW


80W, 2by4, 5 year warranty, 110LPW

please feel free to send inquiry to

or just call direct: Peter, 0086-15-999-6-777-51

                        Dennis, 0086-170-9723-09-51.

Liteto Team at your service!

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